History and Today

Where we come from

Since 1992, the founders of Solarpraxis AG have worked intensively to make solar energy technologies cost-effective and suitable for mass-market applications. Building on experience as an installer during the early days of the industry, Solarpraxis was launched in 1996, initially as a name for specialist articles written by Karl-Heinz Remmers in the "Sonne, Wind, Wärme" ("Sun, Wind and Heat") trade journal. From 1998 onward, the firm operated as an engineering office and communications specialist, and over the course of many years evolved into a specialist publisher and event organizer across the entire field of solar energy, renewable energies, and associated technologies. By 2015, solar energy had become cost-effective, thereby making the entire energy system into a new era, with a shift to 100% renewable energy sources and a 100% digitalized system to build on highly cost-effective, truly environmentally-friendly energy generation.

A new era

The original company, Solarpraxis AG, the engineering consultancy, was transformed into Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH following a management buy out, led by the chief executive, Felix Eichhorn. The company is one of the leading experts and specialist planners in the photovoltaic sector: https://www.solarpraxis.com

Solarpraxis AG's range of books was sold to Beuth Verlag, which is also responsible for the DIN standards, in 2009, following which it has established itself in the market for energy efficiency and renewable energies: https://beuth.de. The PV Magazines and digital media departments were sold to the publisher, Eckhart Gouras, in 2015. Since then, the PV Magazine Group has continued to grow and is the undisputed market leader in reliable information for the global photo voltaic market: https://www.pv-magazine.com.

Sunbeam, a communications firm that was owned by Solarpraxis AG from 2007 to 2016, has been run by Solarpraxis' former chief executive, Holger Bedurke, as an independent concern since a management buy out in 2016. Solarpraxis' former technical documentation and technical marketing solutions are now offered by Sunbeam: https://sunbeam-communications.com, while conferences developed by Solarpraxis AG have been organized by Conexio GmbH, a member of the Solar Promotion Group.

The New Energy World/Solar Praxis Forum is one of Germany's largest energy sector conferences, and continues to be managed by Tina Barroso. Solar Praxis AG is extensively involved in creation and development activities with https://www.neue-energiewelt.de. The firm's know-how and extensive connections with Asia, particularly the continent's large-scale solar markets, enable it to provide highly skilled support for project and development activities alongside its consultancy services.