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Kay Neubert (President)

Kay Neubert has been working with Karl-Heinz Remmers in marketing and plant construction in solar technology since 1991. Since 1993, he has produced technical documentation and in 1998 he founded the public limited company Solarpraxis . Since 2006, Mr. Neubert has been a permanent member of the Supervisory Board and took over the chairmanship in September 2009. Mr. Neubert is married and now works as the managing director of the "Brot & Spiele" (Bread and Games) Gallery in Berlin.

Jan Wecke

Jan Wecke is a graduate of banking administration and the Managing Director of the public limited company. Furthermore, Jan Wecke is a member of the Board of the National Association of Renewable Energy of Saxony-Anhalt (registered association).

Manfred Bächler

Engineering graduate Manfred Bächler, lives in Ulm, has been active in photovoltaics since 1990 and is responsible for PV technology and power plant construction in management positions. In addition, he is founder or partner of several solar companies (island systems, floating solar systems, PV project development, etc...).


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